Change the picture.

What does the risk management of an internationally-operating insurance company have to do with every individual’s environmental behaviour?

The Zurich Insurance Group had the opportunity to present itself in the new Umwelt Arena in Zurich. Instead of a moralising lecture that was leaden with information, they created an exciting, immersive installation on the topic under the motto “Change the picture”. Together with the Zurich Insurance Group, we condensed relevant content and gave it a new, interesting narrative structure. This resulted in an eye-catching room that continues to remain current due to the mechanics of the idea.

Together with the Ippolito Fleitz Group, we implemented three mobile touch applications for the booth at the Umwelt Arena.

The result

The Zurich Insurance brand is able to position itself authentically and credibly in the area of social responsibility. Not just with words, but from their own operational subject matter of risk management, which is surprisingly closely connected to personal topics. Thousands of visitors to the Umwelt Arena have already been sensitised to this by interactively changing a part of the striking images of catastrophes for the better.

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