The GDPR is now in effect!

The new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect on 25th May. Are you prepared for the new regulations your company will face?

Analyse your company’s data protection and GDPR status

Leave it to us to examine whether your company meets the requirements of data protection and the new GDPR today. We will provide you with a GDPR planner, who will immediately show you how well your company is prepared for the new demands regarding data protection.

We have laboriously and comprehensively developed the prescribed processes and adaptations in cooperation with our legal department. GDPR and data protection? Not a problem with the bitbase group.

What has changed for your company as a result of the GDPR?

Drastically increased fines

Before the GDPR was introduced, fines were limited to a maximum of €300,000 per individual case in accordance with § 43 BDSG. As of 25th May 2018, fines can amount to up to €20 million or, alternatively, up to 4% of total annual turnover.

Extended liability for responsible persons and processors

The EU-GDPR is significantly extending civil liability. Art. 82 para. 1 GDPR provides that material and immaterial damages caused by data protection breaches must also be compensated.

Extended documentation obligation and accountability

The GDPR has resulted in considerably extended accountability for companies. The employee responsible for processing must be able to prove that they have complied with data protection principles in accordance with Art. 5 para. 2 GDPR.

Deleting data and the right to be forgotten

To a much greater extent than before the introduction of the GDPR, companies must now comply with wide-ranging deletion obligations. The right to deletion of personal data is now regulated by Art. 17 GDPR. The company is obligated to delete personal data without undue delay, insofar as one of the reasons stipulated in Art. 17 para. 1 GDPR applies.

"The implementation of data protection regulations remains unclear in many aspects. Implementing the EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) has posed a considerable challenge for many companies. According to a survey conducted by the digital association Bitkom, three out of every four companies in Germany missed the 25th May 2018 deadline."

Berlin, 31th August 2018

What do you need to do now?

Create data transparency!

  • What data is used?
  • Where is all the data stored today?
  • How is this data currently used?
  • What about personal data?

We will help you achieve transparency in your data management!

We will carry out a risk evaluation which takes all company divisions into account as part of a data discovery. You will gain complete transparency on all collected data within your company.

Protect your data!

  • Is your data sufficiently protected from misuse?
  • Can you successfully ward off attacks?
  • Are you capable of making stolen data unusable for the attacker?
  • Does your company have technologies and procedures in place for controlling data access in your systems?

We will help you keep your data safe!

Due to numerous risks, it is important to document and monitor data security processes within your company. A professionally installed data protection system plays a crucial role in this regard and helps you detect and eliminate vulnerabilities. We will assist you in establishing and implementing tailor-made protection solutions. We will carry out a detailed audit of your level of data protection.

Immediately detect data breaches!

  • Are you currently able to immediately detect professional fraud attempts in your company?
  • Are you capable of evaluating the extent of a data breach as it emerges?
  • Do you have technologies in place to detect an attack in real time and automatically protect your data?
  • Do you use modern detection programs that fight off attacks more efficiently on a daily basis thanks to machine learning?

We will help you detect threats immediately!

We will examine your existing protection technology’s ability to detect attacks in real time and sustainably fight them off. When our technical analysis finds optimisation potential, we will support you in adapting your systems. We work together with you to interpret potential vulnerabilities and security gaps.

Comply with data protection regulations!

  • Can you quickly react to data breaches and minimise their consequences?
  • Are you prepared to pay a fine of 4% of your annual revenue or up to €20 million if you neglect to report data breaches?

We will help you act quickly and appropriately!

In the future, companies must report data breaches to the supervisory authority within 72 hours and provide specifically designated information. Violations may incur fines which are “effective, proportionate, and dissuasive” (Art. 83 I GDPR).Our data protection experts will help you avoid data breaches from the start, but will also support you professionally and reliably if acute problems arise.

How can we help you on the topic of data protection?

I will gladly advise you and look forward to receiving your questions.

Compliance / Data Privacy Consultant

Marco Reisner