Our company historie.
The story and its milestones.

The bitbase group has been around for more than 20 years. It is a good time to take a look back. A lot has taken place since 2000. This applies to technologies, our customers and, last but not least, ourselves. Due to all this, the bitbase story is not an interchangeable company story, but a lively and exciting success story.

bitbase group - The film!
The exclusive anniversary film for our 20th birthday.

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bitbase is kununu TOP Company 2024

As a service provider, we are very close to the needs of our customers; as an employer, we are very close to the needs of our employees: As proof that exceptional performance is only possible with exceptionally satisfied employees, the bitbase group has been awarded the kununu Top Company Seal 2024. kununu, the rating platform, recognizes the company for particularly good ratings from former and current employees, which are achieved by only 5 percent of all listed companies.


Repositioning for the future

The bitbase group is getting ready for the next level and is repositioning itself for the challenges of the future. From 2024, José Enrique Gómez Asbeck and Volker Baisch welcome long-time employees Anna Eberhard, André Schneider and Peter Burger as new partners. Eberhard, authorized signatory and commercial director, has been working for the bitbase group for 5 years, Burger, head of software development, has been with the company for 7 years and Schneider, head of product development kameon PLC, has been on board for 11 years. As an energetic and multidisciplinary team of five, they will continue to drive the company's success forward together.

We are now partner of the German Franchise Association

Since November 2023, we are an official service partner of the German Franchise Association (Deutscher Franchiseverband e.V.). The association represents the interests of the German franchise industry with around 450 members and offers its members numerous services and benefits as well as strong representation of social interests. The association is based in Berlin-Mitte, close to the centre of German politics. As a sponsor and promoter, the bitbase group supports the Franchise Association with events and information, particularly on the topics of data protection and compliance.

The bitbase group receives the TOP 100 seal for the 3rd time in a row

The bbg bitbase group has received the TOP 100 award for the 100 most innovative companies of the German SME sector for the third time in a row in 2023, after having brought it home in both 2021 and 2022. We impressed the jury of scientists in all categories, even though this was the largest start-up field in the history of the TOP 100 award. In a rigorous assessment process, a team of researchers examines whether a company's innovations are a product of chance or are systematically planned and thus have the potential to be replicated. And we have now successfully passed this test to earn our third TOP 100 seal in a row.


What, has it already been 20 years?

bitbase group often has something to celebrate. But in 2022, there is a really special occasion. We are turning 20 years old. Or rather young if you look at the average age of our staff. We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for your trust in us and our joint work, and we are already looking forward to another 20 years together with you.

We give a smile

We have taken our 20th anniversary as the occasion for a very special campaign. Because instead of a big celebration, we would much rather give other people a reason to celebrate. That's why this year we are donating 1 euro from every hour of service we provide to the non-profit organization HAMAMI e.V., which provides operations for children with facial deformities in Africa. You can also help and donate for a really good cause. Information can be found on this campaign website: https://www.bitbasegroup.com/spendenaktion

bitbase group receives Top 100 seal again

For the second time after 2021, the bbg bitbase group is awarded with the TOP 100 seal in 2022. As in the previous year, we convinced the scientific jury that we are one of the 100 most innovative companies in the German SME sector. The rigorous testing procedure essentially examines the question of whether a company's innovations are a product of chance or are systematically planned and thus repeatable. A question that we clearly answer with this renewed award.

bitbase group receives the most important award for SME consulting

The bitbase group not only knows technology, but it also knows consulting. It proves this in 2022 with the coveted TOP CONSULTANT award. For the award, the companies that have worked with the bitbase group were surveyed in particular. These reference clients provided information, for example, on how professionally the management consultants behaved, how satisfied they were with the consulting services, and whether they would recommend the bitbase group to others. Questions where our clients provided excellent testimonials.

bitbase group meets Berlin

As IT experts we are at home all over the world. As a company, we are now also at home in Berlin. With our new bitbase group office in the capital, we are not only consistently continuing our growth course. We are also geographically even closer to our customers from this region. This means that we can respond even faster and better to wishes and requirements and provide even more effective advice. Our man- and womanpower also benefits from our new prominent headquarters in the heart of the global metropolis. The cultural melting pot Berlin is an attractive living environment for highly qualified IT experts. And so our internationally positioned team on site is continuously growing and looking forward to new challenges.

bitbase goes Pantheon

The bitbase group not only thinks of the future, we also lead the way there. This is once again demonstrated with a ground-breaking partnership we have forged. Only the second German company to be bestowed this honour, the bitbase group became an official Premier Partner of Pantheon in 2022. With the help of Pantheon, an internationally established web operations platform, marketers and developers reach billions of people with fast and highly scalable Drupal and WordPress websites. The bitbase group, too, increasingly relies on this internationally well-established CMS for websites and has Pantheon to offer excellent conditions in this regard – for hosting as well as performance, security and handling. Our own workflow as well as our customers benefit from this, with optimised services at a virtually unbeatable price.


A partner for excellent research

bitbase has been involved in research projects since 2008 in order to increase our strength in innovation. One of these research partnerships has won an award. The FIDEST joint research project, led by Professor Dr. Anja Braun of the ESB Business School at Reutlingen University, was distinguished as "Excellent Technology Transfer in the Neckar-Alb region" by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. The project, which was carried out in research partnership with the bitbase group, enables analysts, even those without expertise in IT security technology, to go from an application idea to a secure code frame.

bitbase group rises to the Top 100

Another big tribute for Gómez, Baisch and Fahr’s team. The bbg bitbase group received the TOP 100 seal for 2021, presented by well-known science journalist Ranga Yogeshwar. We impressed a scientific jury in a strict selection process and are now the bearer of one of the most desired awards in the German SME sector. Among the five most important subjects that were examined were innovation-promoting top-management, innovation climate, innovative processes and organisation, outwards orientation/open innovation and innovation success.

bitbase group is a Growth Champion of 2022

Quality, perseverance and innovation come out on top. The bitbase group was awarded with the official seal by FOCUS BUSINESS and the Statista market research institute as one of Germany's Growth Champions of 2022. bitbase group has been given this award for the symbolic seventh year as one of Germany's fastest growing companies. The 500 companies that have seen the largest revenue growth receive the official Growth Champion seal and are published by FOCUS BUSINESS.


On the road to the future with INNOPORT Reutlingen

bitbase group helped its home city transition into the future by sponsoring the Reutlingen INNOPORT innovation centre. With its perfect infrastructure, INNOPORT, hosting 1000 square metres of space, gives new ideas on the topic of digital transformation and Industry 4.0 plenty of space and opportunities - from machine and technological equipment to creative technology seminars and hackathons.

bitbase, Tigers, VfB!

As a company that literally has team play in its DNA, partnering with sports clubs seemed like a logical thing to do. We therefore became a business partner of VfB Stuttgart and Tigers Tübingen, and financially support both Baden-Württemberg-based institutions in their club and youth work. In return, we receive VIP seats from the Tigers in the Paul-Horn Arena in Tübingen as well as box seats from VfB Stuttgart with VIP access in the Mercedes-Benz Arena.


Dual leadership

bbg bitbase group GmbH doubled its top management. From now on, Volker Baisch and Enrique Gómez share the management of the international group of companies. This enabled Gómez to concentrate even more on strategic sales optimisation, expansion of existing customer accounts and customer support. Baisch took over the development and technology side and is now responsible for the technology-based domains, as well as for shaping the strategic fortunes of the company regarding all services and products.


bbg bitbase group creates new synergies

With the aim to make use of synergy and to optimise the organisational structure, Baisch, Gómez and Fahr decided to merge the individual companies within the group to form bbg bitbase group GmbH. The companies bitbase GmbH & Co. KG, COLORATUR GmbH and kameon GmbH were merged into bbg bitbase group GmbH in the process. This made it possible to jointly offer high-quality services and products.

Outstanding innovation, award-winning software

Brilliant ideas and hard work by the bitbase team paid off. The cloud software kameon ERP impressed the jury of the Initiative Mittelstand [SME] and was named the winner of the ERP category throughout Germany at CeBIT in Hanover. The IT Innovation Prize has been awarded annually since 2003 for solutions that are particularly innovative and suitable for medium-size companies. The jury consists of professors, scientists, IT experts and trade journalists.


kameon - from a success product to a success business

kameon is bitbase’s highly adaptive cloud-based ERP and CRM system. It supports medium-sized companies in dealing with daily business processes. Since the first line of code back in 2007, this business software has evolved into a powerful system that is continuously being developed and has also proven itself in practice many times. The product became a business. kameon GmbH makes up the third and youngest part of bitbase.


The Capital calls. Us.

Even though bitbase's home will always be the “Ländle”, the need to be present in Germany's number one startup city was increasing with a steadily growing order book. In establishing a location in Berlin, we provided our clients in the Berlin region with even better and more personal service. We also expanded and fostered our network through direct contact.


Swabian founder spirit in North Africa's Silicon Valley

The Arab spring also excited imagination in Reutlingen and steered the entrepreneurial spirit towards the highly developed IT scene in Tunisia’s capital city, Tunis. Tunis had long since been known as North Africa’s Silicon Valley among those in the industry. bitbase’s second location received energetic support in software development as well as even more international input. The Tunisian subsidiary continues to make a distinctive contribution to the group’s success.


Into the world of marketing with Coloratur GmbH

The boundaries between pure IT projects, interactive media and marketing are also becoming increasingly blurred as digitalization has progressed. Gómez, Fahr and Baisch founded Coloratur GmbH to accommodate the growing proportion of projects in the Interactive Media domain. Under André Schneider, a highly-connected new managing director, Coloratur fully concentrated on the development of web applications, mobile applications and websites. It continuously expanded the service portfolio of the bitbase entrepreneurial family.


Great students become teachers

bitbase takes responsibility: Not only for perfectly fulfilling project requirements, but also for passing on competencies. As a training company, we began to offer people enthusiastic about technology a perfect entry into the IT sector. In contrast to large companies in the IT sector, young people get the chance to take on responsibility with Gómez, Baisch and Fahr from the very start. bitbase gradually established itself as a popular training company and has gained many talented employees.


Complex server landscapes: The new core competency

Earlier than many others, Baisch, Fahr and Gómez recognised the growing importance of digital networking for businesses and they proactively addressed this subject for their business. With each project, it became more evident that networks and complex server landscapes was joining software development as an increasingly important core competency of the business. The bitbase created the IT services business unit to cover an extensive range of IT requirements for our customers.


bITbase IT-Solutions is born

On 1st January 2002, bITbase IT-Solutions was registered into the commercial register of Reutlingen. From the very start, Gómez, Baisch and Fahr established application development as the focus of their company in the business environment. This decision spanned hardware to software. Over the years this led them into nearly all domains of information-based company management. To this day, our business is characterised by the aspiration we established back then: develop innovative solutions which support your customers and partners in their everyday business.


From student friendship to founding team

At the end of the 1990s, Nicolas Fahr, Volker Baisch and José Enrique Gómez Asbeck met at the Reutlingen University of Applied Sciences. All three of them succeeded in obtaining one of the 40 coveted university places in Germany’s Mecca for computer science students. They quickly found themselves in a team and effectively brought their different aptitudes to bear. Fahr was a very gifted quick thinker, Baisch had his perfectionist ambition and Gómez possessed extroverted salesmanship. Their first experiences at Hewlett Packard, IBM and T-Systems inspired them to set their own standards in the development of IT solutions with their own company.