This is who we are.
Enthusiastic in everything we do.

We are people who passionately search for innovative solutions.
Not because we find data processing so thrilling. But because we love to approach every new task with curiosity and imagination – and amaze our clients in the process.

Our Story

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What we believe in

Our vision.
Our vision. There’s still more we can do.

We believe that our clients should expect only the best possible solution from us. And that a solution can only work well if we set ourselves the goal of achieving the best we can while we develop it. Because being the best on the market always means being better than the market.


Our advantages.
The best of all worlds.

In a complex industry, we unite contrasts. Because we keep our finger on the pulse but still stand for sustainable values. We operate internationally, but as an owner-operated, regional company, we can still be on site with our clients in no time.


The way we work.
Putting 100% into the project.

Agile, SCRUM, digital disruption, design thinking, and user cases – we work in international teams, internalise project goals, and have mastered the processes. But what remains most important to us is the project itself, with its phases of concept, prototyping, fine-tuning, implementing, and support.


Our values.
Anything but routine.

While we provide tailor-made solutions for our clients, we start every new project with the same standard: developing the simplest, most economical, and most reliable solution for a complex task, with the help of the best teams and the most dedicated minds.


Our successes.
We take joy in the result.

We are satisfied when our solutions work well. But we are truly proud when people enjoy working with our solutions. We get paid to do our jobs, but money cannot buy the excitement of our clients.

Who we support

Our partners.
Making a difference together.

Combining strengths and being successful together is a philosophy that we not only put into practice for our customers. We also contribute our technological and consulting expertise as a partner, sponsor and supporter of clubs and associations.

Our Management Team

Managing Director

José Enrique Gómez Asbeck

Managing Director

Volker Baisch

Director Service Design

André Schneider

Director Software Development

Peter Burger

Director Operations

Anna Eberhard