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Interview with Ursula Steiner. Head IT of the company dataTec AG.

"We always benefit from the know-how"

dataTec AG, with its headquarters in Reutlingen, is the largest German distributor of measuring and testing equipment. The company has been using kameon's ERP system since 2011. In the interview, the head of IT, Ursula Steiner, talks about the importance of transparency in the company, the advantage of a shared coffee kitchen, and explains what a happy board is.

Mrs Steiner, dataTec AG has grown enormously in recent years. What changes does that entail for your company?

Yes, that's right, we have been able to expand our position very well and that is a great success for all of us. But along with everything positive, that also presents us with completely new challenges in everyday life.

Just an example: After we had extended our building to a second floor, we had to consider whether we’d also set up a coffee kitchen there, and decided against it. Simply because we wanted all our employees to talk to each other and not suddenly form two groups. So, you still meet in a shared coffee kitchen We didn’t even think about something like that before.

Keyword growth: The adaptation of control systems is another point. How long have you now been using kameon?

Since 2011. Previously, we helped ourselves with more or less self-made cubes. But due to our growth, that was not possible anymore.

How did you come across to the bitbase group?

Back then, we were looking for a freelancer who would support us in the area of number management because we just did not have the know-how. And he recommended the bitbase group to us, as he had already worked with them. He said: "I can recommend them with a clear conscience." And when the people visited us, I immediately had the impression that it was going to be a good fit.

In which areas is kameon used?

In all areas, actually. For example, in the management of the company, in the area of dashboards and sales control.


How have the processes changed since then?

Well, the most positive thing is, it's totally easy to use. And it is self-explanatory. Assuming you have basic knowledge of Excel.

The other advantage is that it is incredibly powerful in terms of sales control. That is important for our internal management. We can retrieve all relevant data, no matter which system, and we can link everything together.

How many dataTec employees use kameon?

All our employees. So, more than 100.



How does the system make itself felt in everyday life?

Well, transparency has always been an important matter for us. We also do not have a blackboard or bulletin board, but, as I say, a happy board where people can inform themselves.

Of course, our sales representatives always had their numbers at hand. The only thing we did not have was could the option of people retrieving them on their own computers. For example, our employees can see how many telephone contacts they have at the touch of a button. You can check it every hour and then see where you are in comparison.

Also, as far as the company is concerned, every member of our staff knows our order situation and our goals, no matter in which specialist area - whether warehouse or field service. With kameon we have managed to create complete number transparency for everyone.

"I immediately got the impression that it was a good fit."

Ursula Steiner
Head of IT
dataTec AG

In your opinion, is this transparency the biggest advantage of kameon?

Yes, certainly. But also, the simplicity, the availability. And the speed.

And how does the cooperation with the bitbase group work?

I have only got positive things to say. The speed with which you interact is really great. If a problem arises where the processing takes a little longer, you get an interim decision. I think that's the most important thing, that you are not left to cope on your own.

But overall, it's just that we always benefit from the know-how brought to us by the bitbase group. When we address a sub-topic, we get input that often helps us in other areas.

Sounds like a productive collaboration. What's next?

Well, we are constantly programming. Right now, we are running a system update. But due to our growth, which we plan every year, there are always new tasks. For example, we want to integrate market analyses directly into our ERP system in the near future. What can I say, we’re always moving forward.

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