Automatic monitoring and adaptation of IT landscapes

The aim of our development is PRIVACY MATCH, a software solution that supports companies day by day with the maintenance and compliance of their IT system landscape(s). Our innovative algorithms automatically capture your IT landscape, supported by an interactive system that makes it possible for the existing business processes to be described in natural language. Using this information, these new analysis and diagnostic methods, which we have developed on the basis of machine learning and graph matching, can now for the first time identify whether the processes and the data collected are duly compliant.

To start with, we are using it for the target market of GDPR compliance, but we can also apply our technology to control many other sets of rules (such as the ePrivacy Regulation or similar guidelines). This is an interactive recommendation system which also offers simple step-by-step instructions and, if necessary, enables data and processes to be adjusted in accordance with regulations, thereby rounding off the functionality of PRIVACY MATCH. The architecture of PRIVACY MATCH is designed in such a way that its functionality can easily be extended to new requirements for compliance. Thanks to a privacy-by-design approach, the analysed data is protected against misuse at all times.


Invest BW


August 2021 - July 2023


bbg bitbase group GmbH


649.000 €

Funding amount

438.000 €


In development


This project is funded by Invest BW.

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Director Software Development

Peter Burger