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Our solutions have outstanding performance, usability, and sustainability.
We provide you with the right technologies and processes to deliver first-class work every time. We develop high-quality applications that take your business forward.


Sustainable solutions for all sectors

We have many years of experience in creating dynamic and modularly expandable websites. To create our individual solutions, we combine high-quality software solutions and a variety of back-end systems with state-of-the-art responsive frontends.

Due to our unique close collaboration of creatives, developers, and business economists, we at bitbase group are able to deliver sustainable solutions for customers from a wide range of industries.

To create our individual solutions, we combine modern front-end frameworks and technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, Angular, or VueJS paired with standard CMS platforms such as TYPO3 or even enterprise solutions.


Mission accomplished!

Do our services still seem a little too abstract to you?

Then let us get down to brass tacks - with some of our already successfully implemented projects.


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Managing Director

José Enrique Gómez Asbeck

Senior Solution Architect

Mustafa Maaroufi